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444.0 Gerry 2011

This plant had just the nicest-shaped fruits on it in '11. I've no doubt that the combination of the Merriam plant's pumpkin shape, with its uniformity (note the exactly-the-same SS and EE measurements) and the 218's extreme ORANGE capability in my 444-pounder's seeds should yield the characteristics of both parents, and if so, WOW, what beauties they will be!
3 seeds per packet, so you can feel free to plant more than one!
Thank you for trying my seeds---
Eric Gerry

male 218 Sandercock
444.0 Gerry 2011  
1241 Merriam 2010

Price: $10.00 / per packet, 3 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Gerry
Vegetable Weight: 444.00
Year Grown: 2011
Circumference: 113
SideTo Side: 74
Stem To Blossom: 74
Female Weight: 1241
Female Grower: Merriam
Female Year: 2010
Male Weight: 218
Male Grower: Sandercock
Male Year:
Seeds Per Packet: 3