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90.50 Ailts 2021

World record genetic cross field pumpkin with 211 MacKinnon WR as pollinator. #3 at Altoona, WI weigh off. Thick walled, dense fruit on the inside. Smooth skin, bright reddish-orange color. Seeds from this pumpkin have produced the 160lb and 144lb Ailts field pumpkins (also available for sale here)

male 211 MacKinnon
90.50 Ailts 2021  
188 MacKinnon

Price: $30.00 / per packet, 5 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Ailts
Vegetable Weight: 90.50
Year Grown: 2021
SideTo Side:
Stem To Blossom:
Female Weight: 188
Female Grower: MacKinnon
Female Year:
Male Weight: 211
Male Grower: MacKinnon
Male Year:
Seeds Per Packet: 5