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Giant Sunflower Seeds (Flower Size)

22 Loris 2022

Grew much larger as I changed location to full sun and fertlized them more often and gave them more water. I took first place at the Virgiania State fair. Beautiful during full bloom. Very large stocks. Happy growing!!

male 16 Loris 2021
22 Loris 2022  
16 Loris 2021

Price: $40.00 / per packet, 60 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Loris
Vegetable Width: 22
Year Grown: 2022
Female Grower: Loris
Female Width: 16
Female Year: 2021
Male Width: 16
Male Grower: Loris
Male Year: 2021
Seeds Per Packet: 60