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Giant Watermelon Seeds

129.00 Loris 2022

Plant was very agressive grower vines grew 3 feet daily. This plant also grew 146.5 at the same time. As the melons were growing they seem to put weight on faster. The last day before I pulled them both of the vine the collective growth was 25lb in three days. Which broken down that was 4.16 daily to each melon. We had a few cool days which didn't help and some bug issues which I got under control. Over all great melon. They even tasted very delicous when open up. Happy Gardening.

male Kent (Carolina Cross) 2017
129.00 Loris 2022  
238.5 Lindley (Carolina Cross) 2017

Price: $30.00 / per packet, 30 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Loris
Vegetable Weight: 129.00
Year Grown: 2022
Circumference: 79.5
SideTo Side: 38.5
Stem To Blossom: 48.0
Female Weight: 238.5
Female Grower: Lindley (Carolina Cross)
Female Year: 2017
Male Weight:
Male Grower: Kent (Carolina Cross)
Male Year: 2017
Seeds Per Packet: 30