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Giant Tomato Seeds

3.16 Corbin 2022

7th generation from the 7.75 Graham that was the world record for 28 years. Got some other nice, tasty tomatoes from the plant as well.
Variety: Delicious. Bonus seeds from another of my high-quality tomatoes are included with every order.

male 2.42 Corbin 2021
3.16 Corbin 2022  
2.42 Corbin 2021

Price: $20.00 / per packet, 10 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Corbin
Vegetable Weight: 3.16
Year Grown: 2022
Female Weight: 2.42
Female Grower: Corbin
Female Year: 2021
Male Weight: 2.42
Male Grower: Corbin
Male Year: 2021
Seeds Per Packet: 10