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Giant Pumpkin Seeds

416.00 Mukelyan 2022

This fiery orange, symmetrical pumpkin was grown in hot & dry conditions on a secondary vine without fertilizer. Its grandparent is 1211.5 Ailts 2018 x self, which was a Howard Dill champion. Its parent is 1002 Ailts 2019 x self. Click "view full details" for more info.

All of my seeds ship with detailed, 14-step instructions as well as germination timing tips and site selection heuristics. Seeds were dried for a week indoors, stored with silica gel desiccant packets at 35 degrees, and ship with padding and one silica gel packet.

This pumpkin was entered into the Irvine Park Railroad competition, where it won fifth place and earned me "best new grower!"

male 1002 Ailts 2019
416.00 Mukelyan 2022  
1002 Ailts 2019

Price: $30.00 / per packet, 3 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Mukelyan
Vegetable Weight: 416.00
Year Grown: 2022
Circumference: 120
SideTo Side: 87
Stem To Blossom: 72
Female Weight: 1002
Female Grower: Ailts
Female Year: 2019
Male Weight: 1002
Male Grower: Ailts
Male Year: 2019
Seeds Per Packet: 3