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Giant Pumpkin Seeds

1446.00 Pugh 2012

4th Place Pumpkin at Half Moon Bay. Grown on a secondary vine after main vine broke off at about 11 feet. No internal structural flaws. Grew right up until harvested for Half Moon Bay contest. 1532.5 (pollinator) produced a 1400 pound pumpkin. Should be a great producer!

male 1532.5 Pugh 2011
1446.00 Pugh 2012  
1409 Miller 2010

Price: $50.00 / per packet, 2 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Pugh
Vegetable Weight: 1446.00
Year Grown: 2012
Circumference: 184
SideTo Side: 113
Stem To Blossom: 109
Female Weight: 1409
Female Grower: Miller
Female Year: 2010
Male Weight: 1532.5
Male Grower: Pugh
Male Year: 2011
Seeds Per Packet: 2