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490 Berard 2017

The reason some of our giants are only 400 to 600 pounds is we have a test patch to try new seeds to see IF they produce Orange . THIS 490 from the 1111.5 was 1 of them . IF you are interested in the 1111.5 we'll have them listed in the 2016 season seeds . IF you know how some seeds have like a crack in the shell on the upper portion when laying flat these seeds are like that they should still germinate fine. I know I will grow the 1111.5 in 2018 that's for sure ! Price IS Right !

male 400 Crowell
490 Berard 2017  
1111.5 Berard

Price: $10.00 / per packet, 5 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Berard
Vegetable Weight: 490.00
Year Grown: 2017
SideTo Side:
Stem To Blossom:
Female Weight: 1111.5
Female Grower: Berard
Female Year:
Male Weight: 400
Male Grower: Crowell
Male Year:
Seeds Per Packet: 5