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126.00 Ritter 2019

This pumpkin was 20% heavy and is the most % heavy pumpkin in Colorado history! The mother was large, orange, and was the 3rd largest in Colorado history at the time. The father is worth of $200 and went 7% heavy. Despite the pumpkin being in a garage for 3 weeks and loosing 10 lbs it still went 20 % heavy. This seed has already picked up much demand in Kansas and Colorado with 30 already sold or given away!

male 1911 Urena 2017
126.00 Ritter 2019  
1367 New 2015

Price: $5.00 / per packet, 6 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Ritter
Vegetable Weight: 126.00
Year Grown: 2019
Circumference: 90
SideTo Side: 50
Stem To Blossom: 50
Female Weight: 1367
Female Grower: New
Female Year: 2015
Male Weight: 1911
Male Grower: Urena
Male Year: 2017
Seeds Per Packet: 6