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1704.00 Clementz 2016

SQUIDWARD! Awesome plant grew like a Octopus fast starter .Great plant & the pollinator was great Big apple shaped pumpkin lost at 800 lbs due to getting to hot & cover blew off fruit in the heat.Would of been a record breaker Im
sure.(Comes with seed soaking & grow tips) I will send you 3 seeds that are full shell & 3 seeds that are dried tip,I have tested them & they do germinate in 2020 test.I would like to see them grown .You can test your germinating skills on the dried tip if you wish.Just a suggestion. Free 3 page Germination tips included & Free Bubbas FRESH 2020 14 foot Sunflowers pack with this order

male 1756 Howell/Jolivette 2014
1704.00 Clementz 2016  
1317 Clementz 2013

Price: $25.00 / per packet, 6 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Clementz
Vegetable Weight: 1704.00
Year Grown: 2016
SideTo Side:
Stem To Blossom:
Female Weight: 1317
Female Grower: Clementz
Female Year: 2013
Male Weight: 1756
Male Grower: Howell/Jolivette
Male Year: 2014
Seeds Per Packet: 6