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1412 Wallace 2020

This pumpkin grew extremely fast at 55 pounds per day before unfortunately shutting down during a period of extreme heat. Pumpkin Grew to an estimated weight of 1412 pounds in only 45 days! Crossed with the 2018 Topsfield Fair winner 2114 Wallace this seed has exciting potential.

male 2114 Ron Wallace 2018
1412 Wallace 2020  
1875 Ruben Mendi 2017

Price: $19.95 / per packet, 3 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Wallace
Vegetable Weight: 1412.00
Year Grown: 2020
SideTo Side:
Stem To Blossom:
Female Weight: 1875
Female Grower: Ruben Mendi
Female Year: 2017
Male Weight: 2114
Male Grower: Ron Wallace
Male Year: 2018
Seeds Per Packet: 3