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485.00 Ritter 2020

Off of the 511 Ritter. This pumpkin stopped growing at 45 days old in mid August estmated at 600 lbs. It should have been over 1000 lbs. I dropped this plant at 2 weeks old and it bounced back. I got an official weight after its estimate shrunk to 500 lbs. Yellow vine disease took out the plant. Fortunately yellow vine disease can't travel to the seeds, so all seeds will be free of this disease and are of good quality.

male 1718 Ceja 2016
485.00 Ritter 2020  
511 Ritter 2019

Price: $7.00 / per packet, 4 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Ritter
Vegetable Weight: 485.00
Year Grown: 2020
Circumference: 130
SideTo Side: 75
Stem To Blossom: 75
Female Weight: 511
Female Grower: Ritter
Female Year: 2019
Male Weight: 1718
Male Grower: Ceja
Male Year: 2016
Seeds Per Packet: 4