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Seller Terms of Sale

if you are only buying seeds, you do not need to register.

All registered growers can sell their seeds on All seeds are sold without guarantees of any form, including germination and performance.

The minimum price for any seed packet on WorldClassGardening is $20.

No refunds will be granted to buyers by unless approved by the grower-seller. If a grower-seller approves a refund, that refund will be deducted from his quarterly compensation.

Grower-sellers must ship seed orders within two business days of receiving a confirmation email from The confirmation email address is Please add to your contact list. If extenuating circumstances prevent you from shipping your order within 2 business days, the grower-seller has the responsibility to contact the buyer (buyer email address will be on your order confirmation email) and

Believe me, any delay in shipments will require more time and effort on your part and mine. It is highly recommended that you obtain tracking numbers for your shipments. All first class mail has tracking numbers if they are sent as metered mail, or brought directly to the Post Office counter where your receipt will have a tracking number on it. Letter mail will not qualify for free tracking numbers - you must ship in a padded envelope, and use the USPS Package rates.

Grower-sellers should pack seed orders as described when entering their seed into their WorldClassGardening homepage. Packets should be clearly labeled with the contents. A 2.5" x 4.25" coin envelope (or similar size) should be used for packaging, and it should be shipped in a padded envelope with first class postage.

Grower-seller responsibilities
Grower-sellers are responsible for all information entered into their homepage store, but have the ability to update, change, or delete any seed in their store, at anytime. Price of seeds per packet, inventory amount, image and all descriptive data can be changed by you at anytime. Learning how to add seeds, and later edit them, is a quick affair.

Grower-sellers will be compensated within 20 days of the end of any annual quarter for sales made during that quarter. Quarters consist of January 1 - March 31, April 1 - June 30, July 1 - September 30 and October 1 - December 31. Grower-sellers will be compensated via PayPal at a rate of 55% of seed sales (55% of the price set by the Grower-seller, you, when adding seeds to your Homepage Store). Sales to your account will not be credited until you ship the order, and then login to your WCG account – telling us how you shipped. We prefer that you send each order with USPS tracking, but you can ship without tracking (regular first class mail shipped from your home). You can receive a receipt by bringing your padded envelope to the post office, and asking for a receipt.

Do you agree to these terms of sale?