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Giant Pumpkin Seeds

2560.00 Gienger 2022

This is the largest pumpkin ever grown in North America. The largest ever grown outside and the Guinness World Record for largest jack o'lantern. Winner of the 50th annual Half Moon Bay Championship . This pumpkin was grown in MN climate and was inches off the world record. The cross was another 1885.5 which was beautiful orange and with zero effort I had a 1300, 1050, and many other pumpkins that just grew on that one weed filled plant.

This pumpkin grew 1475 pounds in 30 days and was growing up until the time it was picked. Maverick was sure a gift to grow!

male 1885.5 Werner 2019
2560.00 Gienger 2022  
1885.5 Werner 2019

Price: $199.00 / per packet, 1 seed per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Gienger
Vegetable Weight: 2560.00
Year Grown: 2022
Circumference: 242
SideTo Side: 142
Stem To Blossom: 126
Female Weight: 1885.5
Female Grower: Werner
Female Year: 2019
Male Weight: 1885.5
Male Grower: Werner
Male Year: 2019
Seeds Per Packet: 1