Giant Vegetable Assortments

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Italian grown seeds! Lunga Di Napoli is a very large zuccini like squash. (it's not a marrow) Tromboncino is a summer squash. it can curl if grown flat or if trellised would look like the photo. Fun to grow. Cocomero gigante is a watermelon. 2 seeds in each variety, 6 seeds total. shipped...

Steve Maydan, CT, United States

$25.00 per package of 6 seeds

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One package each of the 80,70.5, 70 and 49.2 House 2021 Field pumpkins. All have the 145 McInnis as the pollinator. A 120 dollar value if purchased seperately. Limited number of packets. Bonus seeds with order

Joe House, IL, United States

$90.00 per package of 8 seeds

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Everything you need to compete in the GPC master gardener category. Includes the 3 seeds from the 993 Atlantic Giant, 5 Seeds from the 92 Field Pumpkin, 10 Seeds from the 52.4 Cantaloupe, 5 Seeds from the 51.5 Iowa State Record Marrow, 5 Seeds from the 5.23 Iowa State Record Tomato, 10 seeds...

Paul Harrington, IA, United States

$100.00 per package of 47 seeds

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