Giant Vegetable Assortments

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4 seeds each of 3 giant orange pumpkin over 500 lbs, 4 seeds each 3 different field pumpkins over 100 lbs, 5 seeds each of 3 different bushel gourds over 175 lbs, 10 seeds each of giant head dwarf and giant head tall sunflower, 15 to 25 seeds each of giant ear indian corn, giant white corn, glass...

Joe House, IL, United States

$50.00 per package of 150 seeds

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Complete starter pack for your Giant Vegetable Patch. 4 seeds each of the 8 items shown. See individual listings for full details of each variety.

Curtis Leach, United Kingdom

$40.00 per package of 32 seeds

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You get six seeds each from my 240-224.9-216-200-199-195-192-161 watermelons and six seeds from my 170 bushel gourd-63 field pumpkin and three seeds from the 649 and 367 atlantic giant.

tony prochaska, KS, United States

$100.00 per package of 66 seeds

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6.23 megazac(monster) 6.13 megazac 5.95 Domoingo 5.61 megadom 4.80 wiwom slammer Seperately these 5 seeds together are going for $155 here as a set you can buy them for $100

Chris Konieczny, MI, United States

$100.00 per package of 20 seeds

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You will receive 5 seeds from my 62, 61, & 54lb field pumpkins & 4 seeds from my 85 & 70 lb field pumpkins.

Dustin Grubbs, NE, United States

$30.00 per package of 23 seeds

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Orange lovers! All included pumpkin seeds have genetics from the 1734 Clementz and/or the 1374 Engel. You will receive 3 seeds from my 981 Grubbs, 3 seeds from my 556 Grubbs, & 260 Grubbs, & 1 seed from my 571 Grubbs. Seeds should produce, nice orange, symmetrical pumpkins.

Dustin Grubbs, NE, United States

$40.00 per package of 10 seeds

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These are the best seeds from 10 types of pumpkin each with over 3 seeds,10 Field pumpkin seeds, 3 Giant Watermelon seed, 3 Watermelon seeds, 9 Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds (all from over 70 pound pumpkins), 20 Tall corn seeds, 5 Tall sunflower, seeds, 5 Okra seeds, and 5 birdhouse gourd seeds.

Leif Ritter, CO, United States

$25.00 per package of 90 seeds

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