Giant Vegetable Assortments

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Italian grown seeds! Lunga Di Napoli is a very large zuccini like squash. (it's not a marrow) Tromboncino is a summer squash. it can curl if grown flat or if trellised would look like the photo. Fun to grow. Cocomero gigante is a watermelon. 2 seeds in each variety, 6 seeds total. shipped...

Steve Maydan, CT, United States

$25.00 per package of 6 seeds

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You will receive 10 seeds from my 68.5 lb field pumpkin and 10 seeds my 3.16 lb tomato - 20 seeds total. The pumpkin was grown and pollinated from the 124 Connolly seed. The tomato is 7th generation from the 7.75 lb Graham tomato that was the world record for 28 years. Tomato variety: Delicious....

Tony Corbin, VA, United States

$30.00 per package of 20 seeds

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Everything you need to compete in the GPC master gardener category. Includes the 3 seeds from the 1091 Atlantic Giant 21, 2 seeds from the 1170 Giant Squash 22, 5 Seeds from the 92 Field Pumpkin 20, 10 Seeds from the 52.4 Cantaloupe 20, 5 Seeds from the 51.5 former Iowa State Record Marrow...

Paul Harrington, IA, United States

$100.00 per package of 49 seeds

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