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302.5 Ritter 2019

This is the same cross as the North American record which was 2528 lbs! It came from the $200 1911 Urena which has much orange. This pumpkin was still growing 2 inches a day in circumference and 15 lbs per day. It was pollinated July 28th and I did not rediscover it until September 1st. Had I taken better care of this pumpkin, it would have been larger than my 511 pound pumpkin.

male 1803 Gadberry 2016
302.5 Ritter 2019  
1911 Urena 2017

Price: $6.00 / per packet, 4 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Ritter
Vegetable Weight: 302.50
Year Grown: 2019
Circumference: 125
SideTo Side: 57
Stem To Blossom: 57
Female Weight: 1911
Female Grower: Urena
Female Year: 2017
Male Weight: 1803
Male Grower: Gadberry
Male Year: 2016
Seeds Per Packet: 4