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192.00 Gerry 2011

SUCH a beautiful pumpkin from the start.
There were two fruits on the plant and the second one was equally as orange and beautiful as this one.
Since the 218 as well as the 1471 Adams
have each grown fruits over 800 pounds, i would expect that this cross will yield some very orange, and some very BIG, fruits when given the chance;
a rapid sprouter as well!
Be sure to 'click the pic'!
Thank you for trying my seeds---
Eric Gerry

male 1471 Adams 2010
192.00 Gerry 2011  
218 Sandercock

Price: $10.00 / per packet, 3 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Grower Last Name: Gerry
Vegetable Weight: 192.00
Year Grown: 2011
Circumference: 94
SideTo Side: 54
Stem To Blossom: 57
Female Weight: 218
Female Grower: Sandercock
Female Year:
Male Weight: 1471
Male Grower: Adams
Male Year: 2010
Seeds Per Packet: 3