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Giant Vegetable Assortments


3-1298 lb Giant Pumpkin Clementz State Fair Champion
3- 1195 lb Giant Pumpkin Clementz/Welton (5 foot long)
4-125.5 inch Long Gourd
6- 221.5 lb Watermelon
2- 955 lb True Green Squash (round beauty)
4-127 lb Fleser Field Pumpkin 2019 State Champion.
Tall Sunflower pack 10-13 feet
All seeds in Photo PLUS
Bonus Giant Tomato seeds FREE with order My choice I will surprise you as I have many in my collection that need to be grown. Comes with 3 page seed soaking & grow tips "Keep it a Secret Home & Garden" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtwv91fTxGkyfDAwls_cTBw?view_as=subscriber Please join us!


Price: $69.00 / per packet, 40 seeds per packet.

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Seed Details
Variety: Pumpkin/Squash & more
Grower Last Name: Clementz
Variety: Pumpkin/Squash & more
Seeds Per Packet: 40